Saturday, March 10, 2012

Midterms and Spring Break 2012

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The light at the end of the tunnel is becoming visible.  Spring break has arrived.  I have one online midterm to get taken, but it consists of two questions that I'm confident that I can answer in the next three days.  I was worried sick about the sheer enormous volume of credit hours that I attempted this semester, but it hasn't really been that bad.  I have one more semester at Central Arizona College and then I'm off to Arizona State.  

Arizona State Sun Devils footballI have an intensive writing course (likely Criminology, American Literature or Ethics) that I have to get done.  I have to take a computer class (to show the skills that I already have in a classroom setting).  I also have one more math class that needs taken.  Other than that, I'm thinking of taking a real estate class that is going to be a grueling three weeks for six credit hours.  That's a total of fifteen hours (twelve if I decide to put off the computer class until I get to ASU).  I know that the license class will be a great asset to my law school path if I decide to chose real estate law.  I figure it would be good experience.  If nothing else, I can look up houses for friends.  Plus, this class counts toward my elective credits (maybe program credits in interdisciplinary study major).
I just want you to know that I welcome any wisdom that any of you wish to bestow on me at any time.  I could always use the guidance.

A quick side note: If you ever find yourself looking at law school, avoid websites like  The forums are filled with trolls that are all about killing dreams and watching you suffer (in their posts).  If you must go, keep a positive attitude and keep telling yourself that only you know your whole story.  Anyone else is just shooting in the dark.

One more thing, I'm considering getting back to work on podcasting (either video or audio).  If I do, I'll be sharing here as soon as I post.  Please remember that I am a professional.  Kids, do not try this at home.

Until next time, I wish that all of you success in making your dreams coming true!
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