Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Wrath of Arizona

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It has been a very busy day today.  We started with church.  I went to help a friend break down summer camp stuff.  Then, the monsoon came without so much as a word.  This was the type of flooding that we saw today.  You will notice in one photograph that the water is almost up to the pool.  By the time it finished, the pool fell victim to it.  Enjoy!

Forecast calls for more rain this week!
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Report Card Time! Spring (2012)

The Drill Instructor
The Drill Instructor (Photo credit: Randy Son Of Robert)
Final PT test.
Final PT test. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

United States Army Basic Training
United States Army Basic Training (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Another semester has come and gone, and as the late great TS Eliot would say, "...not with a bang but a whimper."  I know he was referring to the end of the world, but it seems that it's every semester is just that.  It reminds me of the time that I spent in basic training.  Outside Lawton, Oklahoma, there's an Army base called Fort Sill.  The day I went into my captivity, I thought how exciting it would be.  I thought I would be allowed to shoot random things.  Little did I know that the Army had a more rigorous training plan in mind.  I was in what they called OSUT (one stopped unit training).  In other words, I was in basic and AIT (advanced individual training) with the same drill sergeants.  It had been three months when I was finally released.  My liberties had been so curtailed that I almost didn't recognize freedom when I felt it.  The same is true, to a certain extent, about the end of the semester.

I know that I've been rambling on here for a while, but what you're really wondering is what kind of grades I pulled.  I was both happy and a little disappointed with the results the semester.  It was nothing unexpected.  Although, my disappointment was sweetened by some hard work at the end of the se
Mathematics (Photo credit: Terriko)
mester.  Let me explain.  From the beginning of the term, I had sold myself the notion that I was going to get a C in my math class(my kryptonite).  I had done mediocre work with the expectation of getting a mediocre grade.  Within the last two weeks, I noticed that my online grade was showing that I was hovering around 75%.  While this isn't outside of what I was thinking, I wondered just how much I would have to do to actually make that 80%.  As a starving college student, hiring the privates tutor is simply out of the question, but I had certain skills that I could broker to obtain the assistance of a student in calculus.  This student and I shared and environmental geology class.  At the end of this class, we were expected to give a final presentation.  I noticed that the professor was being very flexible about the media that we were allowed to use.  So, with this in mind, I produced a 6 min. video and did all of the voice-over work for my presentation(everyone else was using power point).  When I showed my classmate my video, she was so impressed that she offered to help me boost my math grade if I would help her produce a video (I am so thankful that I own a Mac).  My classmate and I had worked at length polishing my math skills to the point that I was only a half a point away from a B.  I contacted my instructor in hopes that he would open the first half of the semester quizzes (I only attempted each of these once and to attempts are allowed).  My professors reaction was that of surprise.  He wondered why I was attempting to get an A in the class as I was so far back.  I stammered for a moment before asking him what he was talking about.  He explained that I had already gotten over 80%, once he removed are two lowest quiz grades.

While normally I wouldn't fret one low grade in a preparatory class, as most do not transfer to the University level, it is important that I maintain good grades in all of my classes. When you are looking at law school as an option, it's important to remember that these schools don't just take transcripts. They employ a credit pooling service and scrutinize every class that you've taken over the last five years. So my C in math last semester is still going to hurt even though it wouldn't be looked at if I were going into any other Masters level program.

So to answer the big question, my grades were as follows:

*Math…...............................................................................B (4 Credit Hours)
*Public Speaking….............................................................A (3 Credit Hours)
*Environmental Geology….................................................A (4 Credit Hours)
*Environmental Science…...................................................A (4 Credit Hours)
*Intro to and the Internet…..................................................A (2 Credit Hours)
*Sociology…........................................................................A (3 Credit Hours)
*Leadership Development (required for my scholarship)…A (3 Credit Hours)

This is a total of 23 credit hours.  Twelve is considered full time at the college level.  Not bad for a guy that hasn't broken the C barrier since elementary school.  I have to hand it to my family this term.  My wife and the kids have heard a lot of grumbling out of me this semester.  Thanks so much for hearing me roar all semester! 

Remember that if you are considering going back to school, let nothing stop you.  Even evil exes and their meddling ways can't keep you dumb!  I encourage you to keep up the fight!  Tell your opposing forces that you said and mean NO!  Good luck!
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sometimes with logic like this, I wonder why I'm going for that advanced degree.  It's all boiled down to two types of creatures on this planet.  I wish everything was this simple!  The only question that I guess I should be asking is weather or not I have a tail.

I could just see me on the first day of law school arguing with this platform. 

"You see professor, you don't have a tail..." I would say.

The professor would palm his head with an increasing left to right shake while repeating (over and over in a building crescendo) "Just get out!"

Okay.  Maybe I should use logical researched arguments, but this is still a great song!  Enjoy!
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Midterms and Spring Break 2012

Arizona State University mall, during a very h...
The light at the end of the tunnel is becoming visible.  Spring break has arrived.  I have one online midterm to get taken, but it consists of two questions that I'm confident that I can answer in the next three days.  I was worried sick about the sheer enormous volume of credit hours that I attempted this semester, but it hasn't really been that bad.  I have one more semester at Central Arizona College and then I'm off to Arizona State.  

Arizona State Sun Devils footballI have an intensive writing course (likely Criminology, American Literature or Ethics) that I have to get done.  I have to take a computer class (to show the skills that I already have in a classroom setting).  I also have one more math class that needs taken.  Other than that, I'm thinking of taking a real estate class that is going to be a grueling three weeks for six credit hours.  That's a total of fifteen hours (twelve if I decide to put off the computer class until I get to ASU).  I know that the license class will be a great asset to my law school path if I decide to chose real estate law.  I figure it would be good experience.  If nothing else, I can look up houses for friends.  Plus, this class counts toward my elective credits (maybe program credits in interdisciplinary study major).
I just want you to know that I welcome any wisdom that any of you wish to bestow on me at any time.  I could always use the guidance.

A quick side note: If you ever find yourself looking at law school, avoid websites like  The forums are filled with trolls that are all about killing dreams and watching you suffer (in their posts).  If you must go, keep a positive attitude and keep telling yourself that only you know your whole story.  Anyone else is just shooting in the dark.

One more thing, I'm considering getting back to work on podcasting (either video or audio).  If I do, I'll be sharing here as soon as I post.  Please remember that I am a professional.  Kids, do not try this at home.

Until next time, I wish that all of you success in making your dreams coming true!
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Eventful Week

English: Boxer's fracture of fifth metacarpal ...
Image via Wikipedia
It has been most eventful week. My hand is almost fully healed, I finally taken my first quiz of the semester and have already been pulled aside by my sociology professor to tell me that I'm trying too hard.

As I may have mentioned before, I have suffered a boxer's fracture of one of my metacarpals on my right hand (yes, I'm right handed). While I am supposed to be wearing a soft cast most of the day and removing it only to do homework or take notes, I've pretty much disregarded the doctor's orders. Until a few nights ago, I only wore the soft cast to prevent myself from injuring my hands while I sleep. The first night that I went without it, I hadn't done so on purpose. I woke up at quarter till six in the morning and discovered, to my horror, that I'd forgotten to put it on. Once I have determined that I was safe to go without it at night, I have done just that.

As I have said before, I've taken the first quiz the semester. I had been worried about environmental geology. Science has never been my strong suit. The quiz, even as dummed down as it was, was far easier than I had expected to be. Between this and another 100% in my public speaking class, I have a renewed confidence in my education. I have already written almost all of my environmental science term paper and I'm starting the research for my sociology term paper.

And that leads me to this…
My sociology professor noted some frustration from me earlier this week. She called me aside to address my stress. She started speaking to me in a way that suggested that it would be okay if I dropped her course. I assured her that I didn't have the time, or the energy, to retake sociology. I explained to her my goals and my timeframe. When she heard me speak of being a lawyer in my early 40s, she assured me that I would do well in her class. She told me that she has already sized up everyone in class by this point in every semester and that I was the typical A student. When I explained to her how ironic it was to hear that (as a former D student in high school). She confided in me that her high school years were much the same for her as well.

Suffice to say, it has indeed been an eventful week. Sometimes, it seems that we will need to be broken down all the way before we can begin to rebuild. In this instance, my details are not unique.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mozilla Firefox Logo
Image via Wikipedia
Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase
I found this mystery add on for Firefox.  It's called Zemanta.  It's suppose to help me get more content rich.  Who knows?  Maybe this will make me an internet superstar.  Ha ha.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking
Image via Wikipedia
I'm all for making life easier.  In fact, now that I have a broken right hand (and I am right handed), I invested in the Dragon app for my macbook.  This thing was worth every last penny (even if I weren't all busted up).  I just speak my text and it types.  I never thought it would work, but (woo hoo) it was great!  The only trade off is the need for a quiet workplace.  I thrive off of a noisy environment.  Sadly, Dragon gets confused with the background noise.  When I upgrade to my next mac, I plan to spoil myself with the full Dragon Naturally Speaking program.

Check out some of the related blogs/articles that others have written about these advancements in tech!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A couple days ago, I decided that I didn't have enough challenges in school.  I broke my right hand.  This will add a whole new degree of difficulty to note taking and homework.  Even this post will be shortened.  Sigh!